Homework Assignment: Experience Your Product

This weekend, pick your most favorite store and your least favorite store.

Shop for regular items as you would normally.

Take note of the one thing you love and the one thing you absolutely despise about the respective stores.

Think about how the one thing endears you to your favorite store while the other’s negative quality keeps you from shopping there. Get to the visceral emotion you feel as a result.

Now that you’ve experienced both euphoria and frustration, think critically about your own product. What is it that can alternately exhilarate and frustrate consumers about your product.

Is it hard to open?

Is it too sweet?

Is it just the right portion?

Is it easy to pour?

Make a list of the pros and cons of your product. Get crazy and list even the things that seem like completely unreasonable objections. This is an inexpensive way to identify weaknesses and threats after putting yourself in the frame of mind of a judgmental, fickle consumer.

Have some fun this weekend.


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