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Shopping and Mood are Strongly Correlated

We were surfing MSNBC to get the latest US medal count when we came across this little dandy:

“Shopping in a lousy mood will cost you.”

You’ve heard how hungry shoppers spend more? Well, a study shows the SADDER you are, the more you spend. Check it out here.

The good news for food marketers is that shopping can actually LIFT your mood.

Can’t you just see a whole new line of weekly supermarket promotions?

Perk up your disposition with outrageous deals on asparagus and T-bones.

Give your mood a lift with this week’s stock-up sale on meat.

Feeling blue? Our two-for-one blueberry special will fix you right up!

It may seem trite, but this study adds to the credibility of our conventional wisdom that there is a strong relationship between the visceral feelings and the act of buying something.

People are less likely to SEARCH for a solution than to REACH for the nearest solution to their discomfort. We happen to be selling one of their favorites: FOOD.

Traditionally, we’ve focused almost completely on price. What if circulars were more about promising feelings than discounts?

Obviously, it’s something that will require a delicate balance in the current economic climate, but it bears repeating:

Emotion sells and emotion spurs purchase.


Don’t male it in. Make appealing to men a priority.

More than two-thirds of principal grocery shoppers are female adults. Most of the remaining third are adult men.

One-third of anything is a chunk to leave on the table for your competitors. Don’t believe me? Next time you’re out to eat, try giving up one-third of your favorite dessert to the annoying guy at the next table who talked too loud during dinner.

Who has two thumbs and is doing more of the grocery shopping? This guy!

Here are some things we’ve learned about men and their shopping habits:

  • Only 25 percent use a list, compared with 75 percent of women
  • They usually don’t ask for help (except maybe from the butcher)
  • They say they want to “get in and get out,” but they’re more prone to wander (no list)
  • They tend to buy in larger quantities than women, especially meat

Now an agency is focusing its energies and expertise on marketing to men. It happens to be the agency we work for. Check it out at Marketing to Men.

There are ways to take advantage of what we know about men and their behaviors. They are important influencers and decision makers in a multitude of decisions that affect our industry, both in the home and at the office.

More on this later. Have a peaceful weekend and safe travels if you are on the road or in the air.